Hypnotherapy is widely recognized and empirically validated as an effective treatment for a variety of physical and mental health conditions. It also amplifies the results of other therapeutic techniques used making it feel almost effortless for you to achieve the results you desire. In a state of hypnosis the subconscious mind is more receptive to empowering ideas without interference from the conscious mind. You can program your mind for success.

Using hypnosis you can access your inner guidance system and gain access to information in the quantum field of intelligence.

In this deep state of awareness, you can tap into intuition, creativity, and the infinite possibilities available to you. The subconscious mind is not limited by your imposed boundaries of space, time, and logic. It can remember anything from any time and provide clear answers to your most important questions and offer creative solutions to your problems. It can allow you to transcend the ordinary and tap into a wisdom far beyond your everyday capabilities.

Many people find their way to me when they feel stuck – depressed, anxious, and dissatisfied in life – despite having accomplished the things they thought would make them happy. They are often seeking greater fulfillment and come with questions about the meaning and purpose of life, important decisions, and challenges in relationships. Your subconscious mind has answers to these important questions.

Hypnotherapy can help you remove any barriers to change.

It can help eradicate negative thought patterns, fears, and limiting beliefs to enable you to achieve your greatest potential. Through hypnosis you can learn to deeply relax, drop into the present moment, and experience more joy in the simple things in life. Whether you want to feel more confident, perform more effectively, increase motivation, feel relaxed and happier, or experience greater harmony and satisfaction in your relationships – hypnotherapy can help you achieve any goal.

Having access to the power of your subconscious mind and the quantum field, you can also learn to harness the body’s natural physical healing abilities. The wisdom of the body naturally gravitates toward health, wholeness, and well-being. This innate wisdom can heal the body, mind, heart, and spirit. I am passionate about teaching people how to connect with this infinite, creative, and healing intelligence that is within and all around us. Learn how to tap in to your unique inner genius.

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness that anyone can achieve through relaxation and guided visualization techniques. It is the very pleasant experience when you are deeply relaxed, focussed, and no longer paying attention to thoughts, noises, and sensations in the body. In a state of hypnosis your conscious mind is always aware and can comment on and censor what you experience. You are always in control of the process and can end the experience simply by opening your eyes. It is a natural state that you experience every day just before you fall asleep at night and just after you wake up in the morning. This hypnogogic state is a deeply creative and inspirational one. Everyone is hypnotizable and even a light state of hypnosis can be very therapeutic. I provide an audio recording of each hypnosis session so that you can listen to it later and continue to strengthen your connection to this source of wisdom and power.

~ Milton Erickson – Father of Modern Hypnotherapy

The unconscious mind is always speaking. Hypnosis is a way of listening to the unconscious mind.